Indian cuisine is dynamic; with endless recipes from different regions offering different flavours, our menu is a handful. You will find different foods in different states of the country but one thing that is omnipresent in every kitchen is – curry. Vegetarian curry or meat curry – every Indian household has some kind of curry on their dinner table for lunch or dinner. The perfect Indian curry has the right proportions of gravy, vegetable/meat, spices and other flavouring agents. While making an Indian-style curry is not a hard task, many of us still can’t ace it, even after multiple trials. Reason: some mistakes that we are unaware of and keep repeating. 

So, here we are to help you hone your cooking skills by throwing light on some of the most common mistakes that can ruin an Indian curry. Are you making these too? 

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5 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making While Making Indian Curry 

1. Not Following The Correct Order 

There’s a reason why all good chefs follow a recipe to the T. The order in which you put in the ingredients makes a lot of difference, So, if you are just rushing into the cooking process and throwing all the ingredients randomly, stop now. Always heat the oil first before sauteng whole spices, and only after the spices are roasted, put other ingredients like onions and tomatoes. Also, don’t add in the spice powders until after the onions are roasted well. Follow the universally-approved order of making gravy, and you’ll be surprised with the result. 

Always follow the correct order of the cooking process.

2. Not Thickening The Gravy 

Ever wondered why the curries of the restaurants and dhabas taste so good? Have you ever noticed that their gravies are always dense and thick? There lies your answer. Always make sure to chop your onions and tomatoes finely into slices or chunks; this will help thicken your gravy and give it depth.  

3. Going Wrong With The Salt 

Even experienced cooks can make this blunder. Putting too much or too little salt is a common mistake. Genius lies in the way you fix the problem. Don’t add too much water when you feel you have added extra salt. This takes away the flavours of the other ingredients and spices too. Instead, opt for quick-fix solutions like adding peeled potatoes that will soak in the excessive salt. 

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4. Not Smelling Or Tasting During The Process 

We are not insinuating that you are not a good cook if you have to repeatedly taste and smell your food while it’s cooking. If you ask us, even good cooks do this to ensure that they serve the perfect food on the table. And that’s what makes their cooking perfect. 


Keep tasting food while it is cooking.

5. Rushing Up The Cooking Process 

We agree that everyone is strapped for time these days but that shouldn’t come in the way of eating a good meal. It takes patience and precision to churn out a delicious meal. So, let those onions and tomatoes, and even spices, roast properly to let them emanate their beautiful flavours and fragrance in your food.  

Treat yourself and your family to a memorable Indian meal, every single time. Stop making these mistakes and we are sure you’ll be proud of the curries you make.  

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