Does your child avoid guests and relatives at home or is uncomfortable around peers in school? Social awkwardness in children is not that uncommon and many kids face issues interacting with others due to shyness, lack of self-confidence and a combination of other factors.

Your child may fumble while speaking or avoid communication and escape altogether. If you are at your wit’s end about it, the respite is you are not alone. Many parents face this issue and try different means to get their children to be more social. However, instead of forcing them to do so, here are some time proven tricks and tips that may help your child overcome their social awkwardness.

Practice conversation at home

This is probably the simplest method. Simply, interact as much as possible with your children and also practice healthy conversation with other family members or friends in front of your child. Your child will get familiar with the concept of conversation.

Get your child acquainted with people

Do not leave your child at home alone for long periods with no one to talk to. Instead, take them along whenever possible and give them exposure to the outside world. Let them meet people from a young age so that their shyness is dealt with early.

Teach them to share

Teaching your child to share strengthens their relationship with people. Playing together with friends, eating and drinking, and studying together will make them an extrovert.

Ask them to make friends

Teach your children the importance of friendship in life. Make sure that their social circle is fairly big enough so that they do not grow up as loners. Encourage them to make new friends.

Boost your child’s self-confidence

Lack of self-confidence is a major hurdle in communication and hence it needs to be boosted. Praise your children in front of relatives, friends or their peers and make sure that you never pull them down in front of others. Even if you have to reprimand your child, do it separately and never in front of others.

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