Seventy-five hatched snake eggs found in bathroom. — India Today
  • Snake-charmers break bathroom floor as snakes start appearing in house.
  • 75 hatched snake eggs found in bathroom.
  • Residents blame poor drainage system. 

In a horrifying incident, a house in Uttar Pradesh, India, turned into a snake’s nest after 75 hatched snake eggs were found in its bathroom, India Today reported. 

Almost 60 snakes were discovered in the bathroom. After hours of effort, snake catchers were able to get hold of the reptiles which were released into the forest.

Reportedly, the house, located in Khatauli tehsil of the district, was rented out a while ago.

On Wednesday, snakes started to appear in the house, coming out of the bathroom. The residents called snake charmers who crushed the bathroom floor. Upon breaking the floor, 60 snakes and 75 eggshells were discovered.

The residents blamed the poor drainage system for the incident. 

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