Amber Heard or Johnny Depp! Who is bigger star?

Hollywood actress Amber Heard believes that her former husband Johnny Depp is the ‘bigger star’ and has more publicity reach.

This she said as the lawyers for The Rum Diary actor wrapped up grilling her recently after seeking to portray her as the aggressor in their volatile relationship.

Under cross-examination, the Aquaman star rejected the accusations that she was the one who instigated violence between the couple, who were married from 2015 to 2017.

At one point, when the 36-year-old actress was asked about his claims she had paid half of her $7m divorce settlement to a charity, she said “My interest is in my name – in clearing my name. At the time, I was being called a ‘liar’ and my motives were being questioned. I did see it as important to clear that up.”

Heard went on to say: “I wanted to make a statement to make sure there was not any doubt. That I couldn’t be labelled these things just because Johnny was the bigger star and had more publicity reach.”

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