Amber Heard shows Johnny Depp ‘passed out’ next to intoxicating substances: Pics

Amber Heard unveils photographic proof of Johnny Depp ‘seemingly passed out’ on a couch.

The photo highlights Depp with a melted ice cream in hand, curled up on a black couch.

The image also shares a sneak peek of the coffee table next to him, which includes drugs and other intoxicating substances, according to the images provided.

However, as soon as the image was shown in court, Depp spoke of its sordid meaning and quipped, “I wasn’t participating in the festival of ice cream.”

According to TMZ, he also added a dig at Heard for taking the image and also clarified, “That was a wonderful picture for her to take, she snapped it. Passed out’ is an interesting way of putting it. I was asleep.”

The actor alleges the image was taken after a 17-hour workday and admitted to taking prescription opioids to ‘sleep better’.

Another image, showcasing Depp’s alleged stash of marijuana was also enclosed in evidence and it ended with a picture of Heard’s bruises. 

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