Johnny Depp took to the stand in court on Wednesday as his defamation trial against Amber Heard nears its end and accused Heard of treating her sister ‘like a punching bag’, reported The New York Post.

Depp’s accusations came just days after Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, had testified against him in the trial and claimed that she was witness to Depp hitting her sister.

In his latest testimony, however, Depp denied the allegations, instead detailing his relationship with Whitney and recalling that he ‘took to her very quickly’ at first.

“She was a very sweet kid, she was wonderful,” Depp said, adding that she “got the dirty end of the stick” by sister Heard, who treated her “both as a trusted sister and friend” or a “lackey or punching bag or dartboard.”

Depp went on to claim that he was witness to Heard even throwing in her sister’s face at one point, saying: “She would have wine thrown in her face. Whitney was trying to please her sister. Trying to be up to snuff.”

“It just seemed like she got shot down … I’ve certainly seen Miss Heard grab Whitney, push her around,” he further said.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star also noted that Whitney was told by Heard to ‘get out’ of his and Heard’s Los Angeles apartment after the two got into a fight.

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