Amber Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez took to the stand on Wednesday to testify against her sister’s ex-husband Johnny Depp, saying that he hit both of them during a fight, reported The New York Post.

Henriquez claimed that she was a witness to explosive fights between her sister and Depp, and was even struck by Depp once when caught between the feuding pair.

According to Henriquez’s testimony, she was at the couple’s Los Angeles home when Depp and Heard got in to a fight, during which Depp ‘chased’ her up some stairs.

“I’m facing Amber. He comes up behind me, strikes me in the back, kind of just somewhere over here. He strikes me in the back. I hear Amber shout, ‘Don’t hit my (expletive) sister.’ She smacks him, lands one,” Henriquez said in her deposition.

She went on to say that during the course of the fight, Depp grabbed Heard by the hair and also hit her in the face multiple times.

Depp is currently suing his former wife Heard for $50 million on grounds of defamation after she claimed in a 2018 op-ed that she had survived domestic abuse.

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