Summer is here and so is the time to indulge in everything cool and comforting. With the increase in temperature, we are experiencing a shift in our diet. Warm and rich foods have been replaced by comforting meals and coolers have taken over coffee and tea. It is no different for Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma too. A foodie by heart, Anushka never shies away from trying different types of cuisines and local foods. And we see her updating about all her food activities and explorations on Instagram. Recently, she took to her Insta-stories to post about one of her latest meals that defines summer for several Bengalis. Wondering what? It’s a panta bhat platter. Take a look:

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Panta bhat (or poitabhat) is rice overnight soaked and fermented in water. It is generally prepared using leftover rice from the last meal. It is consumed cool, with some water (in which the rice is soaked) on the top. Panta bhat has a very earthy, homely flavour to it which is very local and comforting. Panta bhaat is served with aloo chokha (boiled aloo mashed with spices), begun bhaja (eggplant fritter), bori bhaja (fried vadi), sukno lonka bhaja (fried whole red chilli), onion salt and some mustard oil. Some people also like having panta bhaat with aloo posto, mach bhaja (fried fish), anda bhurji and more.

Anushka however wanted to keep it basic and authentic and paired panta bhat with some aloo chokha, begun bhaja, sukno lonka bhaja, onion, green chilli and some mustard oil drizzled on the rice.

Looks very tempting, isn’t it? If you too want to enjoy a panta bhat platter like Anushka Sharma, here’s how you can prepare it at home.

  • Overnight soak the left-over rice in water.
  • Prepare aloo chokha and begun bhaja. Click here for the aloo chokha and begun bhaja recipes. And also, fry a red chilli in mustard oil.
  • Now take the rice and some water on a plate, crush the red chilli on the top and add the same mustard oil to it.
  • Take aloo chokha, begun bhaja, onion and green chilli by the side and devour.

We suggest, frying some vadi if you have, to add some crunch to the meal. This meal not only cools you down on a hot summer afternoon but also helps you get a good afternoon nap after the meal.

Try it and let us know how you liked it.

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