After numerous celebrities helped bring attention to the case of missing teenage girl Dua Zehra through their social media handles, actor Armeena Rana Khan is having to explain herself to “triggered” netizens bashing her for tweeting about a mosque’s refusal to alert the neighbourhood about Dua’s kidnapping.

On a Ramazan transmission, Dua’s father had revealed that a mosque refused to announce the news of his missing daughter because of her “Shia name”. A clip of the same has been doing the rounds on social media since, with several calling out the brazen religious discrimination, including celebrities. Sharing the same, Armeena had written, “Let me get this straight they won’t put a call out for Dua Zehra because her name isn’t Sunni enough? Someone, make this make sense to me.”

In response, a user told her that “many cases of kidnapped Sunni girls are yet to be resolved as well.” The user went on to ask what made Armeena think Dua’s name wasn’t “Sunni enough”.

The actor rightfully hit back, tweeting, “Her parents said so? This is why I quoted the video, or would you like a personal appointment with them so they can tell you what went down? Instead of coming here to bash me why don’t you question the mosque that refused to make the announcements?” 

When another user lauded her for having the courage to speak the truth, Armeena replied, “Oh yes. They don’t want to face the truth, so many are beyond triggered and are deliberately misconstruing my stance.”

Fourteen-year-old Dua went missing on April 16 from the Golden Town area of Al Falah in Karachi. The teenager’s family registered an FIR on the same day after the kidnappers contacted the father for ransom. Investigations and raids are ongoing since six days to find the abducted girl. 

Actor Adnan Siddiqui has also tweeted in hope of her safe return. “Praying for Dua’s safe return. Can’t fathom the agonising wait by her parents and the harrowing time they are going through,” Adnan wrote on the micro-blogging site. “May Allah give them strength and courage,” he added. 

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