Bhagyashree’s love for food is no news to us. The actress chooses to live a healthy lifestyle. And, of course, good food that is nutritious as well as delicious is important to her. We aren’t saying it. Her regular Instagram updates prove it. Bhagyashree has flown down to Dubai and we absolutely expect her to dive into the exotic cuisine of the place. She didn’t let us down. How do we know? It’s the actress’ Dubai breakfast that is reaffirming her love for food. She posted a photo of her breakfast platter on Instagram Stories and it looks totally drool-worthy. 

The platter consists of two plates of servings. On one plate, we see a croissant glazed with honey, a pancake with green sauce over it, eery tomatoes, cucumber slices, cream cheese, chilli, hummus and other dips. The other one includes slices of fruits like papaya, watermelon, pineapple, cucumber and dragon fruit. This photo was captioned, “Breakfast in Dubai.”

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The second photo that Bhagyashree has shared on Instagram Stories features her too. We see the actress sitting in front of this delicious meal. In the photo, she is drinking from a glass of orange juice. She captioned it with hashtags, “travel diaries,” “breakfast” and “Dubai”.

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Before setting out on her journey, Bhagyashree had another hearty breakfast. And, we have proof. In the photo, we see a sandwich with dips and a glass of smoothie. We notice that the meal also consists of a dessert and a cup of coffee. “Morning breakfast before we fly,” read Bhagyashree’s caption.

Bhagyashree is a die-hard foodie but she doesn’t compromise on nutritious food. She loves to indulge in healthy delights. Hence, when she indulges in a slice of pizza, we can be sure that she has given it her healthy twist. Posting photos of a pizza that she was treated to, the actress wrote, “Even pizzas can be healthy, vegetable overload.” A closeup of the pizza shows broccoli, jalapeno, bell peppers, and baby corn. 

What did you think of Bhagyashree’s foodie diaries?

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