Chicken price has reached Rs700 per kg in parts of country as government fails to check profiteers.

As per details, in Quetta price has risen to Rs700 after Rs200 hike, Karachi Rs600 with Rs150 increase while Lahore recorded per kg price at Rs458.

Meanwhile, price of flour has also shot up and 10kg flour bag price jumped by Rs100 in Punjab after Food Department failed to formulate a policy.

Prices of other commodities have also risen at Utility Stores after Ramazan package ended.

According to the notification, the price of 50 grams of cardamom has been increased by Rs.18, red chili by Rs.18 per 200 grams, shampoo by Rs.14 and 100 grams of turmeric by Rs.4.

The price of pulses was increased by Rs.10 per kg and cooking oil of various brands up to Rs.20 per liter, as per the notification.

On the other hand, the Utility Stores Corporation says that instead of 19 items, the federal government will now subsidize five items. Sugar will be available at Rs. 70 per kg, flour 10 kg bag at Rs.400 and ghee at Rs. 260 per kg. Rice and pulses will also be subsidized.

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