David Beckham’s younger son Romeo Beckham hs striking resemblance to singer Justin Bieber and fans cannot deny!

The 19-year-old was trolled by his younger brother Cruz in an all-new Instagram photo posted on Thursday.

“Justin, is that you?” wrote Cruz as he shared a snap of Romeo in an orange hoodie.

Fans were quick to agree with the 17-year-old. A plethora of internet users began commenting on how the former footballer’s son looks just like Justin.

 “Romeo and Justin are basically the same person,” wrote one.

“I thought it was Justin before I saw who posted it,” another added. 

“Sorry, but I literally did think this was Justin Bieber!!! They look so alike,” a their under chimed in.

“Cheeky Cruz ahah. He’s really not wrong though,” someone else mocked.

Responding to the photo, Romeo himself acknowledged his brother’s sense of humour: “Haha, good one.”

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