Emotional Ellen DeGeneres says she never thought the talk show would run for 19 years

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres is set to bid adieu to her popular talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The show’s finale is scheduled to air on May 26 and Ellen got emotional as she spoke about the end of the show, which lasted for a total of 19 years.

In a video, shared on social media, Ellen took a walk down memory lane and said that she’s an ’emotional mess’ as the show’s finale is coming closer.

She also spoke to a member of her team, Mary and recalled that she did not have children when the show began and was currently seated alongside her two daughters.

Calling it ‘one hell of a ride,’ Ellen revealed that never thought that The Ellen DeGeneres Show would run for 19 years. 

“I was not gonna get emotional today. Everybody keeps asking me how I am, and, some days, I’m really good, and some days, I’m an emotional mess,” she said.

“It just made me emotional cause on the last day, everybody’s families are gonna be here. And, everybody’s kids are gonna be here. Cause we’re all saying goodbye. It’s been one hell of a ride. I never, ever thought it was gonna last 19 years. Never thought we would get to do all the things we have done and help so many people,” she added.

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