Following the news of Spain possibly introducing paid menstrual leaves, actor Gohar Rasheed took to Instagram to urge the Pakistani government to do the same. The actor shared a news post reading, “Spain announces a three day paid menstrual leave for women,” writing, “This law should also be encouraged in Pakistan.”

Gohar’s post was re-shared on Twitter, where several women agreed with the actor’s stance, hoping for such a policy to be put into effect soon.

Other women, however, were wary of such a change, explaining how such leaves would hurt a woman’s position in the job market, with several employers already harbouring a bias against female employees. 

Spain’s leftist coalition government on Tuesday approved a draft bill to reinforce abortion rights and make Spain the first country in Europe to offer state-funded paid leave for women who suffer from painful periods.

The minority Socialist-led government hopes to guarantee access to abortion across Spain and destigmatise menstrual health with the new bill.

“Today we send an international message of support to all women who are fighting for their sexual and reproductive rights,” Equality Minister Irene Montero told Reuters

The Spanish government’s move comes as thousands of abortion rights supporters rallied across the United States on Saturday, angered by the prospect that the Supreme Court may soon overturn the landmark Roe v Wade decision that legalised abortion nationwide half a century ago. 

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