Got7’s famed Jackson Wang shares his parents ‘amusing reaction’ to his music career

Jackson Wang, the famous Got7’s former band member, spoke about his parent’s reaction before he made his debut in music.

Speaking at the Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday where he appeared as a guest, Wang revealed that his parents were not happy to know about his passion for music and on top of that, they had some weird assumption in their head.

“They were really against me, they were like, ‘You’re out of your mind,’” he told the host.

Meanwhile, Wang recalled the time when he passed a musical audition in Korea  and his parents did not have a good opinion about entertainment industry.

They tried to scare him, saying, “They’re going to kidnap you and put you in a cave and then we are never going to see you again. You’re going to be MIA.”

Wang took seven months to convince his parents to let him “take on a music career”.

Not only his parents, but his principal too, said that this was the “worst decision I was ever going to make in my life”.

However, Wang added that after getting launched as a singer, he went back to his hometown and had a concert where he also invited his school headmaster. 

He loved it and eventually said, “we believed in you”.

To note, he is the first-ever Chinese star to perform at Coachella this year and the first track of his new album Magic Man is released on YouTube.

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