Heart health is of utmost importance. This statement checks out because the heart is responsible for pumping blood that keeps the organs in our bodies alive. Therefore, keeping your heart in shape is not only imperative but necessary.

There are several indicators that guide you in the amount of attention you need to put in, to maintain the health of your heart. Among those indicators is age. Yes, your heart has its own age. In fact, the heart’s age is a notch more important since your heart starts beating inside the womb.

Heath age gives insight into the actual condition of your heart. It is a way you can understand the risk of your heart undergoing a stroke or an attack. Although it is a clear indicator, it is very tricky to calculate it. The reason behind it is the multiple factors it is dependent on – age, blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, exercise, among others.

There are multiple heart age calculators that are based on the Framingham Heart Study, long-term research aimed at finding reasons and factors for multiple cardiovascular disease. The research started in 1948, and based on this study, there are many trustworthy heart age calculators available online.

These calculators will ask about your medical past pertaining to an attack or stroke, since if you had one, then the calculator is not meant for you. Then it will ask about your sex, your age, if you smoke, height and weight, among other info. You also need to submit your blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well.

Your heart age signifies how well your heart is doing in your body. Younger the heart, the better the condition. To maintain healthy levels, you can make changes to your living and eating habits to lower your heart’s age.

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