While beetroot isn’t everyone’s favourite, there is no denying the fact that it is loaded with phenomenal health benefits. From minerals and essential vitamins to plant compounds, the maroon-coloured veggie is jam-packed with nutrients that are beneficial in treating various diseases. But did you know beetroot can improve brain functioning? Yes, you read that right. Our mental and cognitive functioning naturally declines with age. However, the nitrates in beetroot can improve brain functioning by promoting blood vessel dilation. This helps in increasing the blood flow to the brain. So here are a few ways you can include beetroot in your everyday meals:

As a salad

The good thing about vegetables is that you don’t always need to cook them, but you can directly consume them in the form of salad. But if you are unable to consume it solely, because of its taste, then you can always add some lemon or salt to it to enhance its flavour. You can consume it along with every meal.

Beetroot Juice

If you are finding it hard to chew it in the raw form, then you can prepare a juice of beetroot and consume it early in the morning during breakfast time. If you are unable to bear the beetroot juice solely, you can add some extra veggies and fruits of your liking and make a mixed fruit or mixed vegetable juice with the beetroot.

Beetroot Paratha

Similar to the much-loved aloo paratha, beetroot paratha is a whole wheat flatbread that is stuffed with a spiced beetroot filling. Unlike other parathas, beetroot parathas have a faintly sweet taste coming from the beetroots, making them unique. You can serve this paratha either with pickle or curd.

Beetroot Kebabs

These flavourful kebabs are made by grating carrots and beetroot and preparing them using oatmeal and spices. You can serve these kebabs as evening snacks with mint chutney to enhance the flavour.

Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot halwa is a slowly cooked dessert that is prepared with grated beetroot, milk, sugar, cardamom, and dry fruits. The unique colour of this halwa will surely make you drool. Not to miss, it is loaded with health benefits and taste.

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