(left)Shin Moo Joon holding up the paper airplane, (right) Kim throwing the paper aircraft.—Guinness World Records
  • New record for farthest flight of paper airplane covers 77.134 m (252 ft).
  • Record broken in South Korea by team of three people.
  • Shin told GWR that the quality of paper mattered a lot. 

A new record for the farthest flight of a paper aeroplane has been created, breaking a record from 2012, reported Guinness World Records. 

The record was broken in South Korea by a team of three people namely Kim Kyu Tae, with the support of Shin Moo Joon and Chee Yie Jian/Julian.

Shin was the one who folded the mighty plane, Kim was the thrower, and Chee had designed it. 

“I felt confident that Shin and Kim can easily break the record,” Chee said.

Together, they made it possible for their plane to cover 77.134 m (252 ft) in Daegu, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea.

A total of eight throws were considered. Even the shortest throw, which was 71.813 meters broke the record of the previous record, which was 69.14 m (226 ft 10 in) achieved in 2012.

“I was so happy when we finally got the official record. I think our trio made a beautiful result with intense collaboration,” said Shin Moo Joon.

Interestingly, the designer had never met Shin or Kim in real life. He was not even there when the record was set.  

“The paper aeroplane community is small yet global, in that everyone knows one another online,” explained Chee.

Shin told GWR that the quality of paper mattered a lot. 

“In Korea most of the competitions generally use 80GSM high-quality paper such as double-A. If you want to enjoy the paper aeroplane, I recommend double-A 80GSM paper for general purpose.”

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