The holy month of Ramadan is being observed by Muslims all around the world. It began on April 2, 2022, and will end on May 2, 2022. During this month, people fast for the entire day and then break it with evening prayer and Iftar. A typical Ramzan day begins with a meal called Sehri (or Suhoor) before sunrise and ends with the breaking of the fast at sunset. For Sehri, many people suggest eating healthy and nutritious to have energy throughout the day. As for Iftaar, many people like to indulge in a heavy meal and eat to their liking! So, to add yet another dish to your iftar menu, today we bring you a new and delicious recipe of no-bake rasmalai!

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Rasamalai is one of the favourite desserts for many people. It’s the go-to recipe for when you want something soothing but indulgent. A cold plate of this delectable dessert, with soft chenna balls, dipped in creamy sweet milk and topped with nuts and Kesar strands is a sure shot hit in all circumstances. But this time, to give your regular rasmalai a new taste, this no bake rasmalia should surely be on your menu.

This recipe by food vlogger ‘Cook with Parul’ is easy to make and perfect for any occasion. Check out the recipe below:

No-Bake Rasmalai Recipe: Here’s How To Make No Bake Rasmalai

In a pan, add milk and boil it. Till then, add rice flour, milk powder and milk. Add this to the boiled milk. Now add sugar and let it cool. Then in a bowl, take the rose syrup and hot water. Combine this with the milk mixture.

Next, take a container, place rusk pieces in it, add some rose syrup on top of it, and the prepared rose malai rabri. Repeat the process and garnish with desiccated coconut and dry fruits. Let it cool in the fridge and eat when hungry!

Watch the full recipe video here:

Make this yummy dessert and let us know how you liked it.

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