Aside from their delicious taste, homemade jams are devoid of preservatives, making them the best option to savour. If you want to spend lazy mornings with a simple breakfast, all you need is a sumptuous, flavourful jam on your bread. The freshly produced jam, with seasonal flavours and brilliant colours, will immediately transport you on a gastronomic adventure. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor shared a delicious recipe of pineapple jam. You can slather a generous amount of it on a slice of bread or just add a dollop on creamy desserts for that extra fruity punch. Create it at home easily by following the steps.

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Salt as per taste

Lemon juice

How to make pineapple jam?

1) First, take the pineapples you want to make the jam. Cut them into pieces. Blend them all together into a delectable paste.

2) Now, take a separate pan and empty the paste in it. Cook it well for some time and continue stirring it. Put some good amount of sugar as you continue stirring. You may see a layer of froth (scum) accumulating on top while cooking however, you can remove it carefully.

3) Keep cooking the paste and a little bit of salt and squeeze some lemon juice too. Again, cook it for some time, until it gets the right consistency like a jam.

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Chef Sanjeev Kapoor had previously shared another pineapple-based recipe — pineapple shikanji. One of the most popular ways to beat the heat in summer is to drink lots of coolers. When it comes to coolers, shikanji is a popular choice. It’s a traditional fizzy drink that uses lemon water. To make Sanjeev Kapoor’s version of pineapple shikanji, first, blend chunks of the fruit and sugar together. Strain the pulp and add some lemon juice. In a glass, add salt, black salt, and roasted jeera powder along with chaat masala. To this mix, add the pineapple syrup, mint leaves and ice. Top it with club soda and your drink is ready.

Coming back to fruit jams, they allow us to enjoy the flavour of seasonal fruits for a longer period because they can, of course, be stored. They are one of the best ways to enjoy nature’s bounty all year long.

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