Tea is probably one of the most popular everyday beverages after water. Many of us can’t start our day without it and need it multiple times throughout the day to keep going. 21st of May, every year is dedicated to celebrating this essential drink. International Tea Day was conceptualised on December 21, 2019, and sees the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization leading and observing the day. This event is aimed to spread awareness of tea’s importance in our lives and take action to sustain its production.  

Recent times have pushed all of us into being more mindful of our health, the focus being on building our immunity. So, this International Tea Day, we bring to you information on a specific kind of tea that is touted to be a great propeller of the immune system. 

Recently, Tea Council of the USA held its Sixth International Symposium on Tea And Human Health, and highlighted the benefits of consuming green tea to boost immunity.  

The symposium was led by Dayong Wu, MD, PhD, Associate Director of the Nutritional Immunology Laboratory at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, and Associate Director for the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. Dayong Wu pointed out, “Green tea may help boost your immune system and increase your body’s resistance to illnesses, among several other health benefits.” 

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Following benefits of green tea were highlighted: 

1.Green tea contains Catechins/Polyphenols that fight against pathogen (disease-causing organisms) infections and maintains immune homeostasis.  

2. Green tea may help prevent and reduce T cell-mediated autoimmune diseases. 

3. Green tea fights pathogens and reduces their effects, and also helps host’s immune response. 

4. It may alleviate autoimmune disorders by promoting self-tolerance, suppressing autoantigen-induced inflammatory attacks, and enhancing tissue repair. 

5. Studies also showed that green tea may help deal with respiratory diseases like influenza by producing antibodies in the body.  

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Dayong Wu concluded by saying that more research is needed to corroborate the above findings.  

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