Jennifer Aniston has invited fans into her personal life as she shared new video from her $21million Los Angeles mansion on Monday.

The 53-year-old star took to her Instagram to share a video, in which she can be seen making her bed and playing with dogs. 

In the video, the versatile actress appeared in a great mood as she shared funny moments from her Bel-Air, California mansion.

In the fast-paced clip, she was seen making her bed at her home, fluffing a sheet over the king bed in the modern looking room.

The Morning Show star was looking chic in blue jeans and a purple top as she played with her dogs in the back yard.

Aniston also uploaded flashback photos from her youth for the video. ‘This was fun,’ wrote the blonde beauty in the caption.

Jennifer Aniston is usually a very private person who does not invite fans into her personal life too much, but on Monday the Murder Mystery star appeared in a video where she was at ease in her mansion

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