Johnny Depp branded Amber Heard ‘a used up trash bag,’ sister says

Whitney Henriquez breaks down the alleged abuse between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard with shocking revelations.

The actor’s sister began by recounting the slew of awful names exchanged between the couple allegedly.

 Whitney told the Fairfax, Virginia courtroom, “‘He called her a [expletive] used up trash bag, slimy [expletive], sagging [expletive], [expletive] was thrown out a bunch just horrible things like that.”

It was only later Whitney admits she ‘began noticing’ cuts and bruises and cites March 2013 as around the time Mr Depp allegedly ‘flew into a jealous rage’ over photos of Ms Heard with another woman, within France.

At the time Mr Depp allegedly thought he was being cheated on and ‘dangled their teacup Yorkie, Pistol’ out from the window.

Later, “He brought the dog back into the car and he was just laughing.”

“[Depp] then made some joke about putting [Pistol] in the microwave” she admitted before concluding. 

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