Johnny Depp ‘didn’t like life sober’ despite knowing outcome, says friend

Johnny Depp had a personality shift under drugs, claims friend.

Io Tillett Wright, once a close friend to both Mr Depp and Ms Heard, claimed that the actor bragged about being able to ‘punch’ Heard on wedding day.

Mr Wright claimed drug use would bring out a “cruel and misogynistic” but “didn’t like life sober”.

The actor was otherwise “magical, friendly and kind” added Mr Wright.

Once during their relationship, Mr Depp also commented on Heard’s ‘wrinkly’ face.

“She has no talent and when her t**s start to sag and her face gets wrinkly, no one is going to be interested in her for anything,” Mr Wright claimed Mr Depp said to him about his wife Ms Heard at one point during their relationship.

“He really resented having to be sober. Yeah, he didn’t want to be,” Mr Wright told the court on Tuesday.

However, Mr Wright shocked the jury as he made a dire confession about Depp, declaring that the star wanted to punch Heard ever since the wedding day.

“We’re married and now I can punch her in the face and no one can do anything,” Mr Depp told him after marrying Ms Heard.

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