Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial continues at Fairfax County Courthouse in Virginia.

In recent weeks, the trial has grabbed massive attention on the internet, dominating the main social media platforms.

While netizens are following every update on the highly publicized case, it has been recently observed that ‘Me Too’ has started trending on Twitter again.

The internet has been divided into two groups; one camp siding with Depp and claiming he is a victim of domestic abuse, and the other group believes Heard has been the victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse during her marriage with the Rum Diary actor.

Popular trends such as, ‘Justice for Johnny Depp’, ‘Amber Heard is a Liar’ and other such opinions have been making rounds on Twitter all across the globe.

The high-profile case has also ignited a serious debate about men vs women and the disparity in justice delivered when the latter is the abuser.

Netizens have been trending #MenToo as a reference to #MeToo, where women, especially from the entertainment industry, stood up to speak about the harassment they have faced.

Recently, Depp’s costar of the Pirates of the Caribbean, actor Greg Elis also showed his support for the actor and called out Heard for ‘false allegations’ of abuse.

The ongoing trial will end on May 27.

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