Johnny Depp’s ex-lover Ellen Barkin testified against him in court on Thursday, claiming that he once ‘threw a wine bottle’ at her and was ‘always drunk’ during their romance in the 1990s, reported The New York Post.

In a recorded deposition played in the Fairfax County Courthouse in Virginia, Barkin recalled sharing what she called a ‘sexual’ relationship with Depp when she moved to Los Angeles in 1994.

Barkin said: “We had a romantic relationship. Actually, can we change that to ‘sexual’?”

She then went on to answer questions about Depp’s behaviour during their romance, to which she claimed that the Pirates of the Caribbean star ‘was drunk all the time’.

“He was always drinking, smoking a joint,” she said, adding that Depp also used other illegal drugs including cocaine, marijuana and hallucinogens.

In another damning confession, Barkin shared that Depp threw a bottle at her during an altercation in his hotel room when they were filming for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Barkin said: “He was mad at his friends or his assistant in the room. He threw a wine bottle at me.”

She continued that the bottle ‘did not’ hit her and that their relationship soon ended.

Barkin was deposed in 2019. 

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