Climate change affects us all, but that doesn’t mean we feel its effects equally. The countries that have contributed least to climate change are often the most exposed to its consequences. With the global south disproportionately paying the price for the global north’s excesses, what obligations does the rich world have to its more vulnerable neighbors? What could redress look like in practice and what would its practical implications be? What role can businesses, institutions and policymakers play in closing climate’s economic and social divides? Who will lead the charge?

In this thought-provoking session on June 23 at 1:30 p.m. E.T., Somini Sengupta, the lead writer of The Times’s Climate Forward newsletter, will be joined by climate leaders:

  • Mahmoud Mohieldin, United Nations high-level champion for COP27

  • Jade Begay, Climate justice campaign director, NDN Collective

  • Donnel Baird, founder, BlocPower

  • Tariye Gbadegesin, managing director and chief executive, ARM-Harith infrastructure fund managers

  • Ulka Kelkar, director, climate, World Resources Institute India

We look forward to welcoming you to our conversation.

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