Kate Winslet and daughter Mia Honey Threapleton are all-set to make headlines with their appearance in an Oscar-winning drama. 

As reported by The Sun, the 46-year-old star will soon appear in a TV drama series alongside her 21-year-old daughter for the first time.

The outlet shared that Winslet and her young offspring will hit the sets for filming in May near the Hollywood actor’s home in Surrey.

The upcoming drama, I Am . . . has been written by Dominic Savage. It revolves around “the tension between a mum and her daughter, who is obsessed with online influencers,” the publication revealed.

Threapleton made her debut in 2020 with Shadows about which Winslet insisted that she did not influence.

“Mia has that different surname, so she slipped right under the radar,” she had explained. “They had no idea who her mummy was.”

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