Kristen Bell breaks down plans for a ‘dad-style’ Mother’s Day celebration

Kristen Bell has just sat down for a candid chat and broke down everything she plans on doing, in celebration of Mother’s Day, dad-style.

The Good Place actor made the revelations to EOnline, during her latest interview.

She began by telling the host, “I want to go somewhere where none of my family is,” especially since she sees her daughters Lincoln 9, and Delta, 7, “all the time.”

She also went on to explain her reasoning’s behind it all and voiced frustrations on how “My husband says there’s such a double standard where dads go golf all day and go to dinner and moms are supposed to be served by the 3-year old all day and like watercolour with them.”

But “No, I do a dads style Mother’s Day. Leave me alone, I’m out,” she quipped before concluding te chat.

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