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Hunter Biden’s growing coverage in the mainstream press is a sign the White House-friendly media is finally turning on President Biden, the hosts of the “Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” argued Thursday.

OutKick founder Clay Travis pointed to an NBC News headline reporting Hunter and his “firm” received $11 million between 2013 and 2018; and “spent it fast.”

“First thing when I woke up, I saw this headline from NBC News and said my goodness, the long knives are officially out for Joe Biden, and for everyone who was trying to defend Hunter Biden,” he said.

The left-wing network has not been as confrontational with President Biden as it had with Republican former President Donald Trump, the hosts implied.


Joe, Hunter Biden
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Travis said the NBC report is based on information from Hunter’s laptop, left at a now-defunct Wilmington repair shop whose owner later had to flee the state of Delaware over the discovery.

“All of a sudden, everybody is covering [it],” Travis said.

Co-host and former CIA officer Buck Sexton added that the story is the latest in a rebounding “pendulum swing” toward suddenly being critical of the president and his family’s business dealings.

The hosts pointed out the NBC analysis made reference to Hunter’s work for “a Ukrainian firm accused of bribery”, which was like the energy giant Burisma – of which the elder Biden once bragged about pressuring officials to fire a prosecutor looking into the company.

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden
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“When you have the NBC Newses of the world opening-up stories with that paragraph, things have changed in a way,” Travis added, pointing out the mainstream outlets long pretended the laptop didn’t exist or was a fabricated tool of disinformation.

“This is getting incredibly tumultuous for the Democrats, Joe Biden, [and] Hunter Biden.”

Sexton agreed, adding that any company hiring Hunter Biden based on merits and qualifications defies common sense, suggesting there had to be more at play than his skill set.

“Who pays a drug addict and — let’s be honest — an irresponsible imbecile, a crack-using, stripper-impregnating… guy $11 million dollars for his advice?” he asked.

Sexton reiterated that “no one is paying Hunter Biden” millions based on his occupational qualifications.

“So now it’s out there,” he said of the laptop story’s mainstream exposure.

The National Broadcasting Company

The National Broadcasting Company
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Sexton went on to question what will happen when the story ultimately comes to a head and questions about Joe Biden’s involvement become more relentless.

“This may happen when it’s shown that a substantial part of Hunter’s business was kicked back to ‘The Big Guy’ – the sitting president of the United States,” he said. 


Sexton concluded that there is still a sense of media hypocrisy at play, in that the press and Democrats notably criticized Donald Trump for potentially violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution when dignitaries were served or stayed at his properties.

“The Washington Post was running front-page stories about diplomats buying cheeseburgers and drinking beer at the Trump Hotel and how maybe that was influencing foreign policy,” he said. “[That] was laughable versus this.”

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