Legal experts on Johnny Depp’s chances of winning case against Amber Heard

Experts warn Johnny Depp of ‘realistic’ chances of winning his court case against Amber Heard.

These revelations have been made by family attorney Chris Melcher during an interview with Yahoo.

There he explained, “Johnny has demonstrated that Amber was the dominant aggressor in the relationship which included acts of physical violence against him.

“He described how she threw a bottle of vodka at him which severed the tip of his finger, that she snubbed out a lit cigarette on his face and punched him in the face. He showed photographs of these injuries.”

Now, however, “Johnny needs to prove that she made a false statement about him in the Washington Post piece. He did not do a good job pointing out specific statements in the article that he believes are false.”

“Amber did not directly say in the article that Johnny hit her. She portrayed herself as a victim of domestic violence and claimed that she faced backlash when she spoke up about it. Amber placed herself in a false light but that may not be enough to count as defamation.”

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