Two brides accidentally get swapped during a power outage in India. — BBC Urdu 

A bizarre incident took place due to load-shedding in India, where two brides were accidentally swapped amid a power outage during wedding rituals. 

The incident happened in the Aslana village of Ujjain district where three sisters were getting married at the same time and the power went out during the wedding ceremony, creating a lot of confusion while they were exchanging vows, reported BBC Urdu. 

On this day, the marriage ceremony of three daughters and a son of a man called Ramesh Lal Rotila was arranged. The sisters were wearing the same dresses which created confusion. 

However, the issue came to light as soon as the power came back and the brides were made to sit with their grooms who they were supposed to marry and the wedding rituals were carried out again. 

Responding to the matter, Ramesh said: “The light was gone during the wedding ceremony but both of them got married to the right groom.”

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