Manipulation of constituencies boundaries cannot change ground situation in J&K, Ladakh: Farooq

Srinagar, May 07: National Conference (NC) President and Member of Parliament Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Saturday reiterated the Party’s stand on delimitation report, saying no amount of gerrymandering can change the ground situation in J&K, Ladakh.

Interacting with the media, Dr Farooq said that the party’s stand on the entire process of delimitation was crystal clear as crystal. According to a statement issued he said the entire process was a smoke screen to draw a veil over the obscure agenda at work.

“The entire exercise has been blind to the universally accepted and practised criterions and principles with regards to electoral representation. However no amount of gerrymandering will save the BJP, and its proxies from the wrath of people. People of J&K have made it a point to punish BJP and its proxies for all they have done to J&K. No matter how many false fronts they put up, people won’t forgive those who have robbed the region of its unique status, its prized historical individuality and dignity. The writing is on the wall,” he said.

“There is groundswell of anger against BJP and its proxies across J&K, Ladakh. Every sector of our economy is bleeding. Our youth are at crossroads, our traders are facing unprecedented situations. The plight of our tourism players, transporters and artisans is no different. Inflation, unemployment and development deficit has compounded the worries of our people immensely,” he added.

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