Mother’s Day marks an outpour of love from children for the women who raised them, leaving social media flooded with appreciation posts for mums. In keeping with tradition, several celebrities took to Instagram to mark the occasion and honour their mothers.

Singers Faisal Kapadia, Azaan Sami Khan, actors Maya Ali, Mawra Hocane, as well as tennis player Sania Mirza and sports presenter Zainab Abbas all took to social media to share their love for their mums, posting throwback photographs as well as sweet notes of appreciation.

Faisal posted a black and white photo of him and his mother from back when he was a child, with his mother clad in a saari. He also shared pictures of the other mums in his life, including his wife Seema Hirani Kapadia, as well as his mother-in-law. The singer shared the photographs with the caption, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Maya shared a touching note along with a picture of her and her mother. She wrote, “Meri pyari Amma, I know this day isn’t enough to be thankful to you for every little thing which you have done for your children. Whoever I am and wherever I am it’s only because of you and your sacrifices of your dreams. No one, literally no one can take the place of a mother. May you always stay with us like this forever, Ameen. I wish I can become even a little like you. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Maa to maa hoti hai.”

 Similarly, Sania celebrated her mother, posting an adorable photograph of the two along with the tennis player’s infant. She wrote, “We don’t need a day to celebrate mothers and motherhood… Happy Mother’s Day all day every day… to the person who made me who I am and to this little guy who makes me a mother.” 

Sharing a throwback photo of him and his mother, Azaan expressed his love for her in the caption. “Whatever I was, am and will be, after Allah is because of you. Happy Mother’s Day, Amma,” wrote the singer.  

Zainab honoured both her mother and her late grandmother, writing, “The legacy of my grandmother who passed away last year carries on, to my beautiful mama who has been an inspiration to me and many around and now for my son, our pillar of strength and support, thank you for putting up with me.”

Mawra also posted a picture of her planting a kiss on her mother’s head, writing in the caption, “Happy Mother’s Day, sweet girl… Love you forever and ever.” 


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