Agreed that there is always a chase between the law of the land and the lawbreakers inter-se but the law must always win and be in the forefront even though it may take some more time. This “some more time” is the breathing time, the breeding time of criminals and cheats to conspire to adopt new strategies and ways to dupe the system and the people. The Police deserves appreciation to have exposed and busted a group of Jamat-e-Islami activists in Jammu who were collecting funds and luring students to ”study medicine” in Pakistan . A newly floated outfit Jammu and Kashmir “Freedom” Movement in the garb has been the handiwork of the cheats. Links have been established with some politicians and ex-minister etc as well.
It may be recalled that last month an advisory in this connection had been issued by the Government of India that no employment, neither any registration nor authority to practice any profession would be given to any person holding any academic degree issued by any educational institution of Pakistan or PoK. Raids in different locations and arrest of a kingpin must lead to knowing more about the nexus and operation of the racket.

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