Megan Thee Stallion opened up about Tory Lanez shooting at her for the first time in a teary interview

Megan Thee Stallion recently recollected the harrowing experience of being shot by fellow rapper and friend Tory Lanez in a  July 2020 shooting incident.

Addressing the incident first time after two years in a preview of an upcoming interview with Gayle King, Stallion gave details of the.

Stallion has claimed that Tory Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, shot her in both feet during a party in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles.

The rapper said that the incident initiated with a normal argument as she wanted to leave early and others weren’t ready to go. However, she agreed that “this was one of those times” when her voice got loud.

While describing the incident to King, she got teary-eyed.

“In minutes, Lanez was standing over my car’s window and all she heard was a “man screaming, and then he started shooting at me,” she recalled.

“I was really scared ’cause I had never been shot at before,” Stallion remarked.

Sharing her feelings, the singer got emotional, “I didn’t even want to move. I didn’t want to move too quick, ’cause I’m like, ‘Oh my God, if I take the wrong step, I don’t know if he could shoot something that’s super important,” she added.

“I don’t know if he could shoot me and kill me,” she concluded.

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