Meghan Markle married ‘oblivious’ to royal ranks: ‘She would have to curtsy Kate’

Meghan Markle over calculated her role and worth in the royal family, notes an author.

Tina Brown in her new book The Palace Papers notes: “In the ranking system of the entertainment world, star power — wattage — equals leverage … Alas, she seemed oblivious to the one critical factor that would determine the outcome of her plans for the future: primogeniture.”

Meghan did not fathom that her success and fandom could never outshine the Cambridges, who are directly in line to the thrown. In order of ranking, the Duchess of Sussex comes much later than Camilla and Kate.

Now that Prince William has three children, Prince Harry’s royal rank has gone further down in the family, making him sixth-in line.

Mr Brown notes “when Kate became Queen, Meghan would have to curtsy to her”.

Meghan miscalculated her role in the family back when she married Harry, adds the author. ‘Oblivious’ of her rank, she wanted to step on other royals with her humanitarian gigs.

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