Miley Cyrus has revealed her godmother Dolly Parton’s preferred method of outdated communication.

The Prisoner singer appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday evening, where she pointed out the irony of her SuperBowl commercial that she filmed with Parton for T-Mobile earlier this year. While the country music legend promoted the company’s 5G network as part of T-Mobile’s #DoItForThePhones campaign, Cyrus told Meyers that it may be a case of false advertising.

“It was amazing,” she said about starring in the commercial. “Yet every time I coordinate and communicate with Dolly it’s still through fax. So, I don’t know what she’s talking about. She’s rarely on the phone. Next time we have to ‘Do it for the fax machine.’”

Cyrus, 29, clarified that her godmother does use the phone; it just takes many steps in order to send a message. “We do use the phone, but she does a fax and then someone scans the fax. And then they put it into a text message and then that gets sent to me. And it’s always signed,” she explained.

Cyrus added: “She has a phone, she just doesn’t use it. I think someone uses it for her and does the fax machine through the phone.”

Now, the former Disney Channel star has adapted to Parton’s preferred way of communicating by sending her own long-form letters to her godmother. “I’ve started to try to make my own letters because there’s something so amazing just about a connection. It’s just not casual, you know? She took the time to get out, I guess, her typewriter.”

Throughout the years, the two performers have showcased their close-knit relationship and love for each other. Last September, the Midnight Sky singer wrote a tribute to Parton for Time 100’s annual list of the world’s most influential people, in which she called her godmother her “idol” and “the definition of a humanitarian”.

In May 2021, Cyrus performed a cover of Parton’s Light of a Clear Blue Morning on Saturday Night Live, for which she was the musical guest. While chatting with Seth Meyers on Monday, Cyrus revealed that her cover was Dolly-approved, via fax machine of course.

“Did you get good feedback via fax?” Meyers asked.

“Yes I got a fax,” Cyrus quipped. “She loved it, and she loves when I introduce my fans to music in a way that’s still me. Dolly doesn’t want anyone to copy/paste. She doesn’t want anyone to just sing her songs. She wants them to infuse themselves into her music because that’s what I think has made Dolly so loved, is the authenticity.”

Earlier this month, Dolly Parton was announced as one of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s newest inductees. The Jolene singer initially bowed out of the nomination, claiming she felt she hadn’t “earned that right”. However, the country music singer soon decided to accept the honour.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on 5 November at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles.

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