Miley Cyrus’ shocking approach to parents Billy Ray Cyrus, Tish’s divorce news

Miley Cyrus and her siblings reportedly had one of the most shocking reactions to Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish’s divorce.

The family’s reaction has been made public by sources close to HollywoodLife.

According to the insider’s findings, the siblings were ‘expecting’ this news for a year now, and feel relieved because of their parent’s decision to finally ‘bite the bullet’ and take the plunge.

Reportedly, the duo stayed together for Miley, 29 Noah, 22, Braison, 27, Trace, 33, and Brandi, 34 but now that they are adults, they felt the ‘time was right’ to move on.

The source was also quoted as saying, “Miley and her siblings have been expecting this for over a year now, as their parents have not been living together for several years and they have not been happy together for as long as anyone can remember.”

“This is a relief to everyone, Miley included. When Miley shot to fame, Tish and Billy’s marriage was always more of a business relationship than an actual marriage.”

“The romance and passion were gone long ago, and they seemingly stayed together for the sake of their children. But they do not need to raise any of them anymore.”

Miley’s divorce from Liam Hemsworth has also provided her with more perspective and insiders claim, “Miley, more than any of her siblings, knows what it is like to be stuck in a marriage where neither of you is happy. She knows what it is like to love someone with all your heart, but no longer be in love with them.”

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