Eli Hart and his father Tory Hart.—New York Post
  • Son’s body found stuffed in mother’s car trunk.
  • Father complains to court about her mental state, yet she gets custody.
  • Documents show records of her unstable living situation and criminal record.

A mother from Minnesota, US, was arrested for allegedly killing her six-year-old son and stuffing his body in her car’s trunk, New York Post reported.

She was recently awarded the custody of her son, Eli Hart. The police found the child’s body in her Chevy Impala when they made a traffic stop.

28-year-old Julissa Thaler was booked after the police noted blood on the interiors of her car. Following the observation, her car was searched.

Tory Hart, Eli’s father, had complained to the court numerous times. He had informed them about her mental health issues and drug addiction. 

Despite that, Thaler was the parent who got full custody of the child. 10 days later, he was found dead.

“No matter how many cries we cried, they ignored us,” Hart’s fiance, Josephson, said. “No matter how many warning signs there were.”

Documents from the family court also show records of many social workers worried about Thaler’s mental state, unstable living situation, and criminal record.

Reportedly, Hart was not able to bond with his son until 2021 because Thaler would block him from the toddler’s life.

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