There are innumerable ways to make your mother feel special on Mother’s Day. But if you ask me, I would really appreciate just having some time off the kitchen chores and rest for a day. And to make it even better, I would want my family to take charge of the kitchen and serve me some delicious meals ON MY SEAT! I’m sure all fellow mommies would want that too, especially on Mother’s Day. Coming from an overworked mother, this is your cue to do something like this for your mother on this day. And to help you out, we have listed some quick and easy recipes for an entire day food fiesta to make your mom happy, excited, emotional and grateful – all at the same time. 

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Cook delicious meals for your mother on Mothers Day

Mother’s Day 2022 Fully-Planned Menu: 

Easy Breakfast Recipes:  

There’s no better feeling than waking up to a breakfast-on-bed with your favourite meals. Surprise you mom as soon as her alarm goes off, and give her the luxury of not sprinting out of the bed in the morning. Take to her room, a tray full of delicious morning meals that you can easily make at home. Egg omelette, pancake, upma, sandwich – here are some simple and easy-to-make recipes for breakfast that you can try.  

Easy Lunch Recipes: 

This may require some time in the kitchen but the smile on your mother’s face will be all worth it. Prepare a simple but yummy lunch not just for her, but for the entire family without putting in too much effort. All you need in just 15 minutes of time to put together a good lunch spread with these quick and easy lunch recipes. Mix vegetables, paneer bhurji or fried rice – the choice is yours.  

Easy Snacks Recipes: 

Wait for the evening to surprise her again with a bunch of snacks to pair with her ‘sham ki chai’. You can go for lip-smacking bhel puri, satiating batata vada, or indulgent corn chaat, there are many options for you to make snacks easily for the evening family get-together. Click here for some of the best easy snack recipes.

Easy Dinner Recipes: 

The finale of your Mother’s Day lineup should be bang on. Wow, your mom with your cooking skills at dinner with these scrumptious yet simple meals. You can go for Indian meals like jeera vegetables or tomato paneer, or pick from a range of pasta and noodles. All these easy dinner recipes can be done under 20 minutes! 

Making your mother happy will make you happy too. So, celebrate Mother’s Day 2022 just how your mom would want it.  

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