Mysterious metal balls found in India. Photo— Amarendra Srivastava Twitter
  • According to police, no causality reported from metal balls falling from sky.
  • Metal balls were black and silver in color, weighing approximately 5kgs, says police.
  • Villagers claim metal balls had fallen from sky.

The falling of mysterious metal balls from the sky in the Indian state of Gujrat’s villages left citizens frightened, India Today reported.

Residents of Indian state Gujrat’s three villages claimed that they had found metal balls falling from the sky and the villagers reported it to the police.

Upon their complaint, the police started an inquiry. According to the police, the metal balls were black and silver, and weighed approximately five kilogrammes.

However, the police said that no causality had been reported due to the falling of these balls.

The investigation initially concluded that the balls were debris of satellites. A forensics team said they are examining the balls and a thorough conclusion will be issued after a complete investigation.

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