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Does Lisa Azuelos love America? I’m not sure, but based on the evidence of the movie “I Love America” — which the French filmmaker has described as 99 percent “my life” — she sure does seem to have a soft spot for American movies, especially the conventions of romantic comedies and their Hollywood happy endings. Azuelos’s math might be a little off, but the film, which reunites her with her cinematic muse and alter ego Sophie Marceau (star of the director’s “LOL” and other collaborations), closely follows the contours of Azuelos’s own biography. It begins with Marceau (also called Lisa here) moving to La La Land after the death of her mother, as Azuelos did. Once there — and with her grown kids back in France, like Azuelos’s — the 50-year-old “Lisa” of the movie embarks on a hot romance with a 29-year-old (!) she has met via a dating app (Colin Woodell), at the insistence of her lonely gay BFF Luka (Djanis Bouzyani), who could use a little of Lisa’s luck in love himself. Be patient: Good things will come to all who don’t give up on this meringue-like confection, if they can stand how often Lisa and Luka call each other “bébé.” How close does everything in the film track with Azuelos’s life? Who cares? It barely feels like anyone’s real life, to be honest. But isn’t that why a lot of us go to the movies — or, in this case, Amazon Prime Video — in the first place? Unrated. Available on Amazon. Contains strong language, nudity, sensuality, drug use and smoking. In French and English with subtitles. 102 minutes.

Up-and-comers Geraldine Viswanathan (“The Broken Hearts Gallery”) and Karan Soni (“Always Be My Maybe”) star in “7 Days,” a romantic comedy about two young people whose blind date — set up by their old-fashioned Indian parents — turns into a week of togetherness when covid forces them to shelter in place. The Hollywood Reporter calls it “charming.” Unrated. Available on demand. 86 minutes.

In the thriller “The Aviary,” two women (Malin Akerman and Lorenza Izzo) fleeing the remote desert campus of a cult they have joined are pursued by the cult’s leader (Chris Messina). R. Available on demand. Contains strong language and some violence. 96 minutes.

Crush” is a gay high school rom-com about two teenage girls (Auli’i Cravalho and Rowan Blanchard) who find love on the track team. Megan Mullally and Aasif Mandvi also star. TV-MA. Available on Hulu. 90 minutes.

The cyber-thriller sequel “Fortress: Sniper’s Eye” reunites Bruce Willis with Chad Michael Murray. R. Available on demand. Contains violence and strong language. 87 minutes.

Franz Rogowski (“Great Freedom”) stars in “Luzifer,” an Austrian horror film about a childlike man whose quiet life in the Alps with his hyper-religious mother is turned upside down when a developer begins to build a ski lift near their secluded home, unleashing nightmarish consequences. According to the New York Times, the film “conjures palpable unease, rattling the nervous system.” Unrated. Available on Mubi. In German with subtitles. 103 minutes.

The documentary “The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes” is built around hundreds of hours of recorded interviews conducted by investigative journalist Anthony Summer, author of “Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe.” TV-14. Available on Netflix. 101 minutes.

From director Barry Levinson (“Rain Man”), “The Survivor” tells the true story of Auschwitz survivor Harry Haft (Ben Foster), who was forced by his captors to compete in gladiatorial boxing matches with his fellow prisoners. The Chicago Sun-Times calls Foster’s performance “haunting work.” R. Available on HBO Max. Contains disturbing violence, strong language and some nudity. 129 minutes.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (“Game of Thrones”) and Katrine Greis-Rosenthal star in the Danish drama “A Taste of Hunger,” a romance about an ambitious power couple within the Copenhagen foodie scene. The result, according to Variety, “certainly isn’t fast food, but neither is it fine dining.” Unrated. Available on Amazon, Apple TV Plus, Google Play, Vudu, FandangoNow, DirecTV and other on-demand platforms. In Danish with subtitles. 103 minutes.

Matt Walsh and Eva Longoria star in “Unplugging,” a romantic comedy about a husband and wife who try to bring a spark back to their relationship via a rustic getaway without kids, phones or social media, only to find that things don’t go as planned. According to the Austin Chronicle, the film is “hamstrung by its ricocheting tone and undercut by sequences that probably provoked chuckles during the initial read-through but too often fall flat in the finished product.” R. Available on demand. Contains strong language, sex and brief drug use. 94 minutes.

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