Nick Cannon ‘not marriage material’ since Mariah Carey split: ‘Why do it again?’

Nick Cannon admits his take on the traditional sense of monogamy means he is “not built for marriage.”

The comedian made this claim during her latest appearance on It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast.

“It depends on what you call marriage. Getting the government involved, nah. We can go have a ceremony somewhere” he started off by admitting.

“Why would government be involved in your love life? That seems so bizarre to me. It’s really a business and to bring business and love together, that’s a tough one to get involved with.”

He also experienced his experience during the marriage to Mariah Carey and added, “That to me was one of the greatest experiences of my life and for that to come to an end as well, why would I go back if I couldn’t make that work out right?”

“Once I gave my all to a scenario, going forward, I’d have to be presented with something I’ve never seen before in order to go back to something like that.”

“I did my best in this space, and now I feel like there’s a new journey in my life. I’m not going to backtrack and put myself in that situation again because it doesn’t get better than that.”

Before concluding he admitted, “Divorce is a sense of, ‘You failed,’ and when you have that level of failure with everyone seeing it, it was a lot on me for a long time. I didn’t really know how to process it. I had to go find myself. I had to go within.”

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