Popular television host Aamir Liaquat Hussain, in a recently released video, has lamented over the viral ‘indecent’ videos leaked by his third wife, Dania Shah. The television personality shared his two cents on the matter and has revealed that he has no choice but to leave the country after ‘indecent’ videos made rounds on social media.

“These people are paying heed to a 14-15-year-old,” Hussain says in the detailed video as he recites some verses from the Holy Quran. “Anyone who consumes alcohol cannot recite these verses. Everyone has buried my reputation in the mud over a girl whose interviews should not have taken in the first place. She filed for divorce and I was complying with it. All these new YouTubers and so called journalists who have come forward [to give coverage to Dania] have done great injustice to Pakistan.”

Tearing up, Hussain added, “I have no choice but to leave the country after this fiasco.”

Earlier, this month Hussain’s third wife filed for divorce, the latter revealed in a video. Shah shared that she had approached the court to carry out the legal procedure. She further added that she has provided proof to the court which the public will soon know about.

Responding to allegations made by Shah, Hussain expressed how he has lived “with a heavy heart” for the past four months. Hussain elaborated that during their ten-month-long marriage, three months were spent in Bahawalpur.

Disputing his third wife’s claims of alcoholism, the televangelist said that he did not consume alcohol nor did he inflict any violence upon her. He also attached to his defensive tweets a video collage of various audio clips and photographs, in a bid to denote Dania’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ personality.

Hussain, in February, announced his third marriage to the 18-year-old. Taking to Instagram, the television personality introduced his wife and wrote, “Last night, tie [the] knot with Syeda Dania Shah, 18.” He went on to add, “She belongs to an honourable Najeeb ut Tarfain “Sadaat” family of Lodhran, South Punjab.”

Adding on, he shared, “Saraiki, lovely, charming, simple and darling. I would like to request all of my well-wishers, please pray for us. I have just passed the dark tunnel, it was a wrong turn.”

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