One of the most awaited musical events, the NH7 Weekender, was held in Delhi recently with power-packed performances by an electrifying lineup of international music sensation Nucleya and rapper Lush Lata. They made making the crowd sway to the beats of their groovy music. The magical event turned out to be an undisputed choice for those looking for a massive musical celebration.

The mega music event started with a bang as Lush Lata opened the evening with her on-point amalgamation of Eastern and Western beats, and the Weekender was truly a happy one. As the night approached, the glitz and glamour of the event increased manifold. With state-of-the-art lights adorning the stage, a huge graphical screen was erected behind the DJ, which added to the larger-than-life experience at the music fest.

Lush Lata upped the hype for the much-awaited entry of music sensation Nucleya, who gave a shout-out to all the Delhiites attending the big night. As he installed his music set up, he told the crowd that he binged on Delhi’s favourite butter chicken as soon as he landed in the city, which made the crowd hoot for the artist.

From youngsters to office-goers, people from different walks of life turned up on the weekend to tap their feet to the upbeat sounds.

NH7 Weekender is known as one of the largest South Asian arts festivals and has been touted as the biggest weekend bash the capital has seen. But the event has been scaled down post the pandemic, with only the performances by Nucleya and Lush Lata being the memorable parts.

With only a few food joints providing snacks and meals to attendees, there were long queues with people struggling to get their drinks or food. It could have led to a lacklustre experience, however, Nucleya and Lush Lata didn’t let the expectations go down and lifted the musical event experience.

The NH7 Weekender is popular for its vibrant stage and hip music which didn’t let the attendees lose hope. The event was provided with the state-of-the-art lights, sound, and visuals that taught Delhi the art of partying in Weekender style.

Weekender successfully concluded its main festival in Pune on March 26-27 followed by its City Takeover shows in Jaipur and Hyderabad on March 11-12, and Goa on April 2-3 and Bengaluru on April 15-16.

For those who missed the big musical night, NH7 Weekender will be coming to Mumbai on Sunday, May 15, 2022.

Over the last few years, NH7 Weekender has grown to be one of the country’s most loved musical weekends – representing BACARDÍ India and Only Much Louder’s commitment to giving fans unforgettable musical experiences – a reflection of the untamable spirit of the festival.

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