Oprah Winfery experiences ‘déjà vu’ feeling as Ellen DeGeneres Show coming to end

Ellen DeGeneres is emotional these days as her long-running show The Ellen DeGeneres will have a finale episode on May 26.

During this concluding week, DeGeneres invited Oprah Winfrey who became nostalgic as it brought back memories of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Winfrey mentioned, “I got a little emotional backstage because I saw your entire staff is back there and I said to everybody, ‘I know what this feels like, with only a couple of days left’.”

Recalling the days of her show’s ending days, the 68-year-old stated, “I guess I’m tearing up because seeing your staff actually triggered me for what it feels like when you have all of these people who become your family. This has been your home.”

Winfrey also applauded the staff of The Ellen  Show and said that even though “you’re the face out front, but it’s everybody back there that actually makes it work”.

Meanwhile, Winfrey told the host that she would be “greatly missed”.

“I hope so because that means that I made an impact and I know that that’s all we’re called to do to have meaning in our life. I’ve learned that from you and that’s what you did for me,” said DeGeneres in response.

Moreover, the author of What I Know For Sure urged DeGeneres to “take time off, which she regretted not doing after Oprah was finished”.

To note, Jennifer Aniston, Billie Eilish and P!nk are a few guests who will reportedly appear during Thursday’s final episode.

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