Optical illusions are the best way to exercise your brain. In optical illusions your brain deceives your vision. While all the time the answer is right in front of you, the riddle will make sure you do not see it.

The image shown above has taken the internet by storm. Reports claim only 1% of the people could actually find out the words at the first chance. This means 99% of the people could not see what’s written in the image. As is expected, many people could not imagine something being written in the image.

As per reports, this visual illusion was first shared on social media in November. The viral image consists of alphabets, smartly arranged among blocks and shadows, which makes it difficult for the viewer to discern it clearly. The blocks are deceiving the vision and its ability to decipher the hidden words.

While many reports claim that this optical illusion can be a test for someone’s vision power, we at ETimes could not confirm the veracity of the claim.

To most people, it looks like white and black blocks. At the first glance no one can imagine it to be two different meaningful words.

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How to solve this illusion?

In order to see what’s hidden among those white and black blocks, you need to close your eyes up to 90%, experts say.

The eyes should be open only till just before closing it completely. The eyes should not be wide open or completely closed. If you can’t understand how much to close your eyes, just imagine waking up to a room full of light after 2 hours of deep sleep.

After limiting your vision, the hidden alphabets and the words will appear to you.

Interestingly, “Bad Eyes” is written in the optical illusion. Maybe this is why this is being claimed as a test for eyesight!

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