Kim Kardashian has become a good influence on her boyfriend Pete Davidson as they are getting more serious about their future.

Pete and Kim’s romance has been heating up since the couple first locked lips on the Saturday Night Live stage in October. The 28-year-old comedian  is thinking more about his future since he began dating the reality star. 

 Kim’s go-getter attitude has since worn off on the comedian, prompting Pete to pay more attention to his future, according to US Weekly.

Pete Davidson changed after falling in love with Kim Kardashian

A source told the outlet that “Kim has made Pete grow up in a big way and think about his business and future in a huge way.”

They also revealed that the SNL star has been looking toward Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, for guidance as his career has skyrocketed.

“He’s investing, saving, and thinking about longevity for the first time. He goes to Kris [Jenner] for advice,” the insider said.

It’s not just Kris who has gotten along with the Staten Island native, as Kim’s entire family has taken a liking to the comic.

“Everyone in Kim’s family absolutely adores Pete and loves Pete for Kim. He fits in so well with her life and with her family,” dished the source, adding that Kim’s friends are also on board with the romance.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are even happier now that they can attend events together and be in public. They love spending as much time together as possible. 

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