Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers has requested oil companies to restore diesel supply


The Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers (CIPD) has requested the oil marketing companies (OMCs) to restore normal supply of diesel without any rationing to avoid dry-outs.

In a letter addressed to the Oil Industry Coordinator, CIPD president M Narayana Prasad said petroleum dealers were being pressurised by the OMCs to “be cautious” in the sale of fuels, diesel in particular.

Also, the OMCs stated that loads would be supplied only in combination (petrol and diesel).

“The reason given by the OMCs for this curtailed supply is that they are losing Rs 28 per litre on diesel and Rs 8 on petrol. We are advised to restrain from selling to new customers by catering only to the existing,” Narayana Prasad pointed out.

He also said officials of OMCs have been sending WhatsApp messages to petroleum dealers stating the situation was “critical” and would remain so till the retail supply price was increased.

This restrictive measure could lead to dry-outs and cause a lot of inconvenience to the motoring public.

“We fear the situation in the field could turn chaotic and create unwarranted problems that are unsafe for the network at large. The volatility due to fear of short supply needs to be avoided,” the CIPD chief said.

Narayana Prasad requested the Oil Industry Coordinator to invite the petroleum dealers for a discussion of the issue and, in the interim, restore normal supplies of diesel.

He regretted that many issues affecting the trade remained unaddressed despite several representations since 2017.

He hoped the OMCs would at least now respond positively to the industry concerns. 

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